Why am I not able to transfer Cost Allocation Projects data into Quickbooks?

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Customers using Cost Allocation Project in Web TimeSheet may not be able to transfer the data to QuickBooks.

For Example
let's say we have a Cost Allocation Project associated with three clients and the cost is divided among the clients as 20,30 and 50 percent of the total billing cost.

If you enter 8 hours on that project on any day, then it is possible to see the split of the total hours which is entered against the project by selecting the Client Name in the report settings of Web TimeSheet, and also the billing cost associated with each client on that day.

However, when you transfer this data to QuickBooks, you will be able to transfer the total number of hours and cost associated with the project as a whole for a specific day.
There is no way in QuickBooks to split the hours as per the percentage associated with the clients, which leads to miscalculation and the clients will not billed accurately.

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