When do you use ‘Based On’ feature while creating new project? What does it do?

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If you need to create a project with the same characteristics as an existing project, you can use the Based On feature to save yourself time when setting up the new project in Web TimeSheet.

The Based On feature copies all of the following information from an existing project to a new project:

  • Billing Rates (all rates except the default billing rate for the project)
  • Project Team (all associated rates except the default project rate)
  • Project Structure (tasks)
  • Project/Task Assignments
  • Allowed Expenses

If hierarchy filtering is enabled, all team members (individuals, departments, or ) are copied to the new project regardless of their department. For team members outside of the user's department, if the assignment is removed from the project team, it will no longer be available for selection on that project.

Project data that is not copied includes:

  • Project Name
  • Project Code
  • Project Leader
  • Client and cost allocation method
  • Default Billing Rate
  • Client/External Approver
  • Project/Task-type user defined fields
  • Time Entry Start Date and Time Entry End Date
  • Expense Incur Start Date and Expense Incur End

When you copy a project, the status of the new project will be open, regardless of whether the existing project has been closed. In other words, if you copy a new project from an existing project that has been closed, the new project will still be open. The status of the tasks, however, will be copied directly from the existing project.

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