Pay code:

Pay codes are labels used to identify pay rate multipliers. The purpose of pay codes is to help you identify what rate multiplier is being applied to the users' time.
Pay codes are used in:

  • Overtime rules: To specify at what rate users should be paid for different categories of time worked.
  • Time off types, to specify what rate applies to time off taken against each type.


Time off is typically paid at the user's regular (x1) rate. But, a company might, for example, create a time off type that uses a double time pay code, that can be used when a holiday falls on an employee's regular day off.

You can select which pay code is used for users regular hours. This pay code will be used in all calculations involving regular hours (for example, calculations involving overtime and timesheet validation rules). By default, the Regular Time (x1) pay code is assigned to regular hours.

To change the pay code used for regular hours:

  • Open the List Pay Codes page.

    • Select Administration from the top menu.
    • Select Timesheet Setup > Pay Codes from the side menu.
  • In the Pay Code for Regular Hours field at the top of the page, select the paper with pencil icon.
  • From the drop down list that displays, select the pay code you would like to use.
  • Select Save. Or, select Cancel to discard your changes.
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