When a project is published from Web Resource to Web TimeSheet, the resource assignment is carried forward but the project in Web TimeSheet shows <ALL> in the team assignment for that project.

When a project is created in Web TimeSheet, it automatically adds <ALL> to the team assignment. So, when a Project in Web Resource is published in Web TimeSheet, the system by default adds <ALL> in the team assignment along with the resource assignments specified in Web Resource. However, just because <ALL>> is added to the team assignment, it by no means indicates that all the employees in Web TimeSheet can enter time against that Project.

If you observe the Project Structure you will notice that only the original resources assigned for the tasks in Web Resource, are listed in the Allowed category of the Assignment section whereas <ALL> is not in that category. The Resource assignment <ALL> is shown on the Project level not on the Task Level.This ensures that only the resources in the Allowed category can enter time against the project albeit, <ALL> is listed under the Team assignment.

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