In Web Resource, we can calculate a resource's allocation percentage. For example: If a resource has been set with 'n' hours per day, then the application can be used to calculate the Allocation percentage of the resource using the Duration (start date and end date) the user would work on the task/sub-task and the Total hours the resource would spend on the task/sub-task.

Similarly the Total hours a resource has to spend on a task/sub-task can be calculated using the Allocation percentage and Duration (start date and end date) the user would work on the task/sub-task.
These can be calculated either for all the resources working on a particular task/sub-task or for all the tasks/sub-tasks a resource has been allocated for in a project.

To calculate Duration, Allocation % or Total Hours:


  • Select the Project tab in the tool bar at the top.
  • Select List projects.
  • In the list of projects, click the edit button to name of the project to get into the project. (Refer attached screenshot)
  • For resources allocated to a specific task/sub-task in a project. (Refer attached screenshot)

    • Select the Task Assignments tab.
    • Select the required task or subtask.
    • Click on the Edit button beside Resources which is above the list of allocated resources.
    • Select the radio button beside Calculate Duration, Calculate Allocation % or Calculate Total Hours based on what you would like to calculate.
    • only one of them can be selected.
    • Whichever radio button is selected, those values will be grayed out.
    • Click the "Calculate" button on the right side of the screen, above Total hours, to calculate the value.
    • For example to calculate the allocation %, select the allocation percentage radio button, then make sure you have the duration (start and end dates) set. Then set total hours the resource should work on the task/sub-task. Click the "Calculate" button and the application will show the allocation percentage of all the resources allocated to the task/sub-task.


For a specific resource allocated to different tasks/sub-tasks in a project.(Refer attached screenshot)

  • Select the Project Team tab.
  • Select the required resource.
  • Assign the required tasks/sub-tasks for the resource.
  • Follow steps 4 to 7 as shown above.
  • The tasks/sub-tasks which have not been assigned to resource will calculate 100% allocation, duration and total hours based on what radio button was selected, those can be ignored.



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