How to create external users?

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To create an External User:

  • Click on System–>Administration. Under Users/Departments click on 'Users'
  • Click on the 'External User' tab
  • On the 'List Users' page for External Users, the system will display a list of all the clients created in the system.
  • Choose the Client for which the external user needs to be setup.
  • Click on the 'Add' Button at the bottom of the page, after a client name has been highlighted.
  • Unlike a normal user an External User will only have 'Access' and 'E-mail' tab. The First and Last Name are mandatory but the e-mail address can be left blank. Setup a login name and a password. Choose the Permission as 'Client Approver' and click on Save.

An External User does not require any additional license for accessing Web TimeSheet. Only the Web TimeSheet administrator or a user with admin rights can set up external users.

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