The dates and times you punch in and out are recorded as timecard entries. Past entries can be viewed by accessing the timecard for the day the entry was made, as follows:

  • Select 'Timecard' from the top menu.
  • Select 'Previous Timecards' from the side menu.
  • A list of timecards displays, one for each day. For each timecard, the total number of hours you had punched in, is shown. If you never punched in, the Timecard Hours field shows — 
  • If desired, edit the date range for which timecards are listed and select Apply.
  • Select the view icon next to the timecard you want to view.

The timecard displays, with a list of entries for that day and the total number of hours for which you were punched in.
From the timecard, you can:

  • Edit the comments associated with an entry.
  • View the details of any changes made to the timecard.
  • Select the Print button to print the complete timecard.
  • Select the Back button to return to the list of timecards.
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