It is not possible to transfer Task assignments when a project is integrated from Web TimeSheet to Web Resource. Either 'no' resource assignments can be transferred during the Integration or 'all' task assignments on various tasks can be transferred to the "Project Level" in the Web Resource. Refer the attached screenshot, which indicates where to check this option during Web TimeSheet – Web Resource Projects Integration.


  • Log into 'Web Resource' with administrator privileges.
  • Point to 'Administration'.
  • Click on 'Web TimeSheet Integration'.
  • Click 'Projects' tab.
  • Under 'Assignments' section there is box called "Transfer project user assignments".
  • Put a check mark on this box along the other Integration option if the user assignments are desired to be transferred.
  • Click 'Start Integration'.

If the assignments are transferred to the Project level during Integration, same will reflect in user's Allocation Calendar or Resource Calendar.

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