Resource Calendar provides a view of all task assignments for the available resources for a specified time period.

To view the resource calendar, select Resource Calendar from the Calendar menu.

Color Coding:The calendar can be color coded by one of three variables. The default color coding is based on the resource's booking status and availability. The calendar can also be colored based on project type or by project status. To select the color coding scheme, select an option from the Color By drop-down list box above the calendar. To view a definition of each color, select Legend from above the Filters section. To close the legend, select .

Expanding for Further Details:
The task assignments are first displayed in collapsed format, with all of the assignments for a particular resource shown on a single line. For time periods where not all of the task assignments are visible, position your mouse over the area to display the complete text of the resource's assignments. To display a full break down of a resource's task assignments, select the icon found to the left of the resource's name. To expand all of the resources shown, select expand all. Select or collapse all to collapse the allocations for resources.

Navigating Between Pages:
If there are many resources to be displayed, the data may be provided on multiple pages. To move to the next page, select from below the calendar. To move to the previous page, select . To move to a specific page, either select the page number from below the calendar or enter the page number in Jump to page and select Go. Note that these controls will not be available if the data fits on a single page.

Navigating across Time Periods:
To expand or collapse the users to display or hide the break down of task assignments, click expand all or collapse all to the left of the calendar.
You can modify the time period being viewed as follows:

  • To jump to a particular date, select the date from the calendar icon next to the Jump to field and then select Go.
  • To jump to today's date, select Go to Today.
  • To modify the calendar's granularity, select to open the Filters section. Select Day, Week, or Month in the Zoom field and then select Apply.
  • To expand and contract the time period in view, use the Calendar Width control.
  • To move forward or backward in time, use the and navigation icons. The time period you move by when using these controls depends on the Zoom selected as follows:

    • If you have set Zoom to Day, the icons move the timescale by one month and the icons move the timescale by one week.
    • If you have set Zoom to Week, the icons move the timescale by three months and the icons move the timescale by one month.
    • If you have set Zoom to Month, the icons move the timescale by one year and the icons move the timescale by three months.


As you modify Zoom from Day through Week to Month, the granularity is illustrated by a graphic similar to , immediately below the green date bar in the calendar.

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