What do the options in the User Preferences screen do ?

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Available User Preferences:

Users can customize their own display settings from the Edit User Preferences page.
They can do so by clicking on the "Settings" option on the right hand top corner next to the logout option.

This information will provide you with the options available in the User Preferences screen.

  • Field name : "Timesheet format".

    • This allows user to select the Timesheet format they would like to use, whether "Standard" or "In-Out".
  • Field name : "Always show client information in expense sheets".(This applies if you have purchased "Expense licenses")

    • Specify that a column containing client information should display on expense sheets.The client information column will always display if a project name on the expense sheet is used by multiple clients.
  • Field name : "Date format".

    • Select the default format dates will be display in.
    • YY/DD/MM, MM/DD/YY, DD Month Year…etc.
  • Field name : "Clock format displayed in In-Out timesheets and timecards".

    • Choose either AM/PM or 24 hour clock format for In-Out timesheets and timecards .
    • If "AMPM" is selected and the user enters 18:00, it will automatically show as 6 PM, and if "24 hour" is selected it will show 18.00 in the Timesheet.
  • Field name : "Hours format displayed in Timesheets and Timecards".

    • Choose either Decimal or HH:MM hours format for In-Out Timesheets and Timecards.
    • Decimal with show time as 18.00 and HH:MM will show 6:00 PM
    • Note: If user wants to enter 6:15 and if Decimal is the selected option then it will show as 18.25 as ".25" means quarter of an hour.
  • Field name : "Default Time Off Type for Time Off Bookings".

    • Select the time off type selected by default when booking time off from the time off calendar.
    • Select the type you use most frequently to improve the chances that time off will be booked against the correct type.
  • Field name : "Menu icons zoom".

    • Choose to have menu icons enlarge by a factor of either 1x, 1.5x, or 2x on roll over with cursor.
    • You will notice that the size of the icons for Timesheet, Approvals and others that are available will zoom once you position the cursor on those icons.
  • Field name : "Number of records to display on each page".

    • Enter the maximum number of records to show on each Web TimeSheet list page. If more records are available, the data will be split across multiple pages.
  • Field name : "Number of tasks listed in the task drop-down list".

    • Specify the number of task listed in the "task drop-down list". Enter a number up to a maximum of 50.
    • Note: The maximum that you can enter is 50.
  • Field name : "Disable display of timesheet after logging in".

    • Specify that you do not want your timesheet to automatically display when you log in, but prefer to select the timesheet period from the calendar.
    • If this option is selected, then once you login it will not display the Timesheet instead it will just show the logo of Web Timesheet with the modules that you have purchased like "Time and Attendance" or "Project and Billing" or both.
  • Field name : "Default timesheet to display".

    • Select the timesheet you want displayed when you log in, either "Current Period", or "Earliest Unsubmitted Period".
    • This applies when you click on the Timesheet icon.
  • Field name : "Report Excel Export Format".

    • Specify which file format will be used to export reports to Excel. Choose from the following two options,
    • .xml (Excel XP and greater)
    • .csv (Older Excel Versions)
    • The ".xml" format has these advantages over the ".csv" format:
    • It does not use a localized CSV separator symbol.
    • It allows fields that include currency symbols to be treated as numbers.
    • It does not require you to use the Excel Import Wizard to open Unicode .csv files correctly.
  • Field Name : "Report CSV Separator".

    • If you select the .csv option, a Report CSV Separator field will display, where you should enter the symbol that will be used to delimit columns in CSV reports.
    • Note: This applies if you have selected ".csv (Older Excel Versions)" in the "Report Excel Export Format" field.
  • Field name : "Separate Currency and Amount in Excel Export".

    • Specify that you want "Currency" and "Amount" listed in separate columns in Excel exports.
  • Field name : "Timesheet Name Display"

    • Choose how you would like project, task, client, and activity names to display in your timesheet, if applicable.
    • Note: You must select at least one "Task Name" and one "Project Name" display option.
  • Field name : "Expense Entry Name Display".

    • Select the option you want to display on your expense sheets.
    • You must select a Client Name and a Project Name display option.
    • Note: This applies if you have purchased "Web expense" licenses.


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