How to enable or disable timesheet access for users?

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Some users may or may not have to fill in the timesheet for various reasons. There is a way to grant these users access to the application and utilize the other functionalities, such as running reports or raising a timeoff, while requiring them to fill in timesheet or without requiring them to fill in the timesheet.

To enable/disable timesheet generation for a user, you will need to add/remove the ‘Timesheet’ permission or any permission that gives the user access to the 'Timesheet' functionality from the users profile in Web TimeSheet . Alternatively, you can modify the existing permissions assigned to the user to include/exclude the 'Timesheet' access.

To add/remove the permission from the user profile,

  • Click on the 'Administration' icon at the top menu.
  • By default you will be taken to the 'List Users' page. If not, click on 'Users' under 'Shortcuts' on the left side pane.
  • Edit the users profile,
  • Under the 'Access' tab you will find a category 'Permission'
  • Check/Uncheck the necessary permissions from this category.
  • Click on 'Save'.

To enable/disable timesheet access in permissions,

  • Click on the 'Administration' icon at the top menu.
  • On the left side pane, under 'User / Department', click on 'Permissions'.
  • From the permissions list, edit the permission assigned to the user (for whom you like to disable timesheet access).
  • Check/Uncheck the box 'Timesheet' in the permission.
  • Click on ‘Save’.

Once you have added/removed ‘TimeSheet’ access from any permission, and saved. All users that are assigned this permission will be affected by this change.

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