We need to perform the following steps to set up work days view in a calendar,

  • Log in to Web Resource.
  • Select a suitable calendar which are available in Calendar menu.
  • Expand Filters.
  • Under Display section set Zoom option to Day.
  • Set the Calendar Width to 4 or fewer bars.

(Refer the attached screenshot)

Calendar Width bar settings:
1 bar – 5 day view (or 1 work week).
2 bars – 10 day view (or 2 work weeks).
3 bars – 15 days view (or 3 work weeks).
4 bars – 20 days view (or 4 work weeks).

Once the calendar width is applied to a calendar view, same view applies to other calendars automatically.
For example, if the calendar width is altered in Resource Calendar, same calendar width and view applies to Allocation calendar.

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