It is possible to transfer user's assignment from Web Resource to Web TimeSheet while publishing a project. Web Resource offers several options which are listed under System Preferences for an administrator to decide.

To get there perform the following steps:

  • Log into 'Web Resource' with administrative privileges.
  • Point to 'Administration' tab.
  • Click on 'System Preferences'.
  • These options are available under 'Web TimeSheet Publication' section and "Publishing Assignments" (Please see the attached screenshot 'Publishing Assignments.PNG' to the solution.)

1. "Allow resources to only enter time against assigned tasks"
Users who are assigned to specific tasks in Web Resource will get assigned to the same tasks in Web TimeSheet project. Therefore they can only enter time on assigned tasks in Web TimeSheet.

2. "Allow resources to enter time against all project tasks"This option will assign 'all users' assignment in a given Web Resource project & its task, to the whole Project, task structure in Web TimeSheet. Therefore these users can enter time on the project or on any tasks in the project.

3. "Allow resources to enter time against assigned tasks and associated child tasks"
This will assign the users in specific tasks in Web Resource to the same tasks and its sub-tasks (if any) in Web TimeSheet. Users can enter time on the transferred task and its sub-task in Web TimeSheet.

4. "Do not publish assignments"
None of the users assignments will be transferred from Web Resource to Web TimeSheet. It has be set up in Web TimeSheet manually later.

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