If your organization completes billable work, you may want to enable billing features across Web TimeSheet.

  • 'Use billing information' once enabled, will allow you to apply various billing rates to projects and run reports that will provide you with the data you need to bill clients for the time spent working on the projects.
  • If your organization does not complete billable work (or is not using Web TimeSheet for billing purposes), then you can hide billing information by deselecting the check box.

When you deselect this check box, the project/task billing status, billing rates, and billable hours will remain intact, meaning that this information will be hidden, but the values themselves will not be changed.
For example, if the billing status for Project A is Billable , hiding the billing information will not change the Billable status of the project. Therefore, any hours entered against this project will show up as Billable in the reports. You may want to change the status of all projects to Non-Billable and change the values of all billing rates to 0.00 before hiding any billing information.

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