On running reports you have the ability to narrow down the results using filters. Each filter has a sub-filter. These sub-filters further narrow down the results to what you need.

Each filter has the option to select specific details. For example, the 'Projects' filter has the option 'Select Specific Projects'
Whereas the 'User Filter' has the option to 'Select Specific Users'. This is based on which filter is in use.

Lets take for example that you want to choose certain 'Projects' who have 'Client X' then in the 'Project' filter you can select the client 'X' in the Client sub-filter, and when you click on 'Select Specific Projects' only the Projects belonging to Client 'X' will be displayed.

If you make any changes to the sub-filter after clicking on 'Select specific —-', where —- is based on which filter you are on, to make the changes affective you need to click on 'Refresh' next to the 'Select specific —-'.

Sub-filters do not affect other sub-filters within a filter.
For Example, If you choose a specific 'Client' in the 'Client' sub-filter, the 'Project Code' sub-filter will not be affected, i.e. it will still show all the 'Project Codes' available in the application. The 'Client' sub-filter will not narrow down the options available in the 'Project Code' sub-filter.

Once you choose the required 'Projects' or 'Users' and run the report, the report will only display the results for the 'Projects' or 'Users' selected.

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