‘Clock’ (Use current time) icon missing from the In-Out timesheet.

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If the Clock(Use current time) is not displayed on an In-Out timesheet, beside the In and Out box, it could be because of 2 reasons.

  • Use the Stopwatch option is disabled from the user permissions
  • May be, the user is looking at a past day or future day on his timesheet. Use current time icon is visible only for the current day.

How to enable the Stopwatch under permissions?

  • Log into Web TimeSheet with administrative rights. Check the 'Permissions' assigned to the user, by editing user profile ->' Access' tab -> Permissions section.
  • Select 'Permissions' from the side menu, under' Users/Departments'.
  • Edit the 'Permission' that you found enabled for the user.
  • Expand 'Timesheet' under 'System' Tab.
  • Select the option 'Use the Stopwatch '.Click 'Save'.

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