The main difference between the 'Project Leader –> Supervisor' and 'Project Leader And Supervisor' approval path is the order in which the Timesheets are presented by the system for approval.

When the approval path is set to 'Project Leader –> Supervisor', the system first sends the Timesheet to the Project Leader for approval and only after all Project leaders (in case the employee has time entered against multiple projects that have different project leaders) have approved the Timesheet, before the system presents the Timesheet to the Supervisor for approval.

However, if the approval path is set to 'Project Leader And Supervisor', the submitted TimeSheet is sent to both the Project Leader and Supervisor at the same time. It still implies that both of them have to approve the Timesheet for it to be considered as approved.

Listed below are behaviors exhibited by each of the approval paths based on different scenarios:

1. If the supervisor rejects the users timesheet, will the timesheet be returned to the respective users or only to the Project Leader?
No matter what the approval path maybe, once a Timesheet is rejected by either the supervisor or the Project leader, the Timesheet is always sent back to the user for correction.

2. If the Project Leader rejects and the Supervisor approves, what will happen to the users timesheet?
When the approval path is set to 'Project Leader –> Supervisor' and if the Timesheet is rejected by the Project Leader, it will not go to the Supervisor. The Timesheet will return to the user who after doing the correction on the Timesheet can resubmit it. The resubmitted Timesheet will be presented to the Project Leader once again. If the Project Leader approves the Timesheet, it reaches the Supervisor for approval. In case the Project leader approves the Timesheet and Supervisor rejects it, then the user will have to re-submit the Timesheet again. However, this time when the user resubmits his Timesheet, it will be sent directly to the Supervisor for approval and not to the Project Leader. Since the Project Leader had earlier approved the Timesheet, the system will not expect the Project Leader to re-approve the re-submitted Timesheet. Instead it just adds a line that the Timesheet was approved by the system on behalf of the Project Leader.
When the approval path is set to 'Project Leader And Supervisor', the Timesheet reaches both the approvers at the same time. If either of them rejects the Timesheet, before one of them can approve it, the timesheet will be sent back to the user. The resubmitted Timesheet will again be presented to both the approvers. However, if the Supervisor had approved the Timesheet and the Project Leader had rejected the Timesheet, the Timesheet is sent back to the user. When the user re-submits the Timesheet, only the Project Leader is required to approve the Timesheet. Since the supervisor had already approved the Timesheet, the first time around, the system will automatically approve the Timesheet on behalf of the Supervisor. Hence, system will only send the Timesheet for the Project Leader's approval.

3. If the Project Leader is also the Supervisor for all users, will he/she have to approve the timesheets twice?.
If Project Leader & Supervisor are the same for a user, then the system will Auto-approve for the Supervisor. This implies, that once the timesheet reaches the Project Leader for approval and is also approved, the system will automatically approve the Timesheet instead of expecting the supervisor to re-approve the Timesheet as both Supervisor and Project Leader are the same.

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