Assigning multiple roles to a Project team member.

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Project team members may have been hired with multiple skill sets (Example: Java coding, C++ coding, etc). This varies from one industry to another. Based on their skill level, the organization can bill its client. It becomes necessary to have multiple roles assigned to users so that when they fill timesheet, they can choose the skill set that applies to their work.

This can be accomplished by performing the below steps at the project level.

  • I. Have the roles available in the project.

    • Log into Web TimeSheet with administrator or Project Leader privileges.
    • Click on Projects tab.
    • Double click the project to be edited.
    • Click on Assign roles button in the Billing Rates section (Refer attached screenshot)
    • Select the Roles to be available from the role list.
    • Click on >> Arrow.
    • Click Save button.


  • II. Assign the available role to the user

    • On the same project page, under Project Team section, click on the Open book icon next to user / team member name. (refer attached screenshot)
    • Click on Assign Rates button.
    • Put check marks on the required roles.
    • Click on Save.
    • Click Save on the Project page.

The steps described above also applies to department roles. In other words, if an entire department requires multiple roles when they enter time on the project, they may select one or more roles. Click on Open Book icon next to department name in the Project Team section. All other steps remain the same as described above.
If both the Department name and the User name (a user who belongs to the same department) are specified explicitly in the Project Team section with different roles assigned, then the role assigned to the User takes precedence.

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