Primarily, you can view your time off and others' time off via your Time Off Calendar. The following information is available in the time off calendar.

  • All of your own booked and non-booked (entered in timesheet) time off
  • All details of your own time off bookings and entries, of any approval status.
  • The approval status of your bookings (indicated by color-coding – see calendar's legend for more information)
  • Whether an entry was booked or entered (indicated by the type of border used for each time off entry – see calendar's legend for more information) The following data MAY be available in your time off calendar depending on permissions assigned to you:
  • The employee name and time off span of approved, awaiting approval, and/or rejected bookings made by others
  • The time off types used in other employees' bookings, this is shown only when "Show time off type on Shared Calendar " option is selected under System Preferences.
  • Statutory (civic) holidays are shown on the calendar only if a holiday calendar is assigned in your user profile.
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