You can create categories within Web Resource to organize resources into meaningful collectives, such as departments or locations. You can define any categories you wish and, within each category, a number of groups can be created. Each resource can then be associated with one or more groups in the category, as well as to one or more groups within any other categories you create.
For example, within a category titled DEPARTMENT, the groups SALES, MARKETING, and FINANCE can be created and the Sales Manager can be associated with the SALES group.

To add a new category:

  • Select Add Category from the Administration menu. Alternately, you can select List Categories from the Administration menu and then select Add.
  • In the Name field, enter a unique name for the category.
  • If you wish, enter additional text to further explain or define the category in the Description field.
  • To save the category, select the Save button. Select Save & Add More if you want to save the category and begin creating another category. If you do not want to save the category, click the Cancel button. If you clicked the Save button, the category will be saved and View Category Details page will appear allowing you to set up the groups within the category. Groups are the options within the category that resources can be assigned to.          For example, within the category Department, a resource can be assigned to the Marketing group.
  • To add a group to the category, select the Add button.
  • Enter a unique name for the group in the Name field.
  • In the Description field, enter text that more clearly explains or defines the group, if necessary.
  • If you wish to associate a resource with a group, select the resource from the Resources drop down list and select the Add button. Repeat this process for each new resource to be associated with the group. You can also select resources using the Advanced Search. To remove a resource, select the check box under the Remove column.
  • When you are done, select the Save button, or select the Save & Add More button if you want to add another group to the category. If you want to exit without adding the group, select the Cancel button.
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