If you assign multiple permissions, all permissions enabled in the user’s profile will apply to the user. For permissions that have multiple options available for a single setting, and two permissions assigned to a single user have different options enabled, the most restrictive permission takes precedence, as outlined below.
Example: Let’s say a user is assigned with both the Supervisor and Timesheet permissions, and is allowed to use Locked In-out in Supervisor permission and Standard or In-out in Timesheet permission, then this user will be able to use only Locked In-out timesheet format, as the most restrictive permission takes precedence.

The timesheet format hierarchy precedence is as follows,
1. Locked In-out
2. Standard or In-out
3. In-out
4. Standard

The most restricted timesheet format is Locked In-out, then the Standard or In-out, followed by In-out and Standard timesheet format. Similarly other permission options work based on the restrictive first basis.

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