A disclaimer is a message that appears on users’ timesheets, expense sheets, or approval pages. You cannot hide disclaimers only from a group of users, as it is a system wide setting. However, you can follow the below steps to work around this issue.

Although the current version of Web TimeSheet does not give you the ability to hide disclaimers for a group of users, you can work around this by using the User Defined Fields (UDF) feature. Web TimeSheet allows you to create UDF at the Timesheet level. When creating a timesheet level UDF, you can enter the message that should appear when a user logs into Web TimeSheet in the Default Value field.
After creating the UDF, you can enable the permission entry “Timesheet user defined field (name of the UDF)” for those users who should see the message when they login and disable it for those who should not.

This feature is useful for displaying a legal message once a user logs into Web TimeSheet.
Timesheet level UDF does not allow more than 255 characters.

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