In case you are not able to see the other employees time off on the 'Time Off Calendar' page, you can run reports to find the details. The 'Time Off Details' report can provide you all the users time off information, provided you have the sub-permission 'Can View All Report Data' enabled in your access rights of Web TimeSheet. Make sure you have the columns 'Start Date' and 'End Date' enabled in the report to see the dates the time off begins and ends. To enable these columns,

  • Log in to Web TimeSheet.
  • Select the 'Reports' icon from the top menu.
  • Click on 'Time Off Details' report.
  • Click on 'Settings' within the report.
  • Under the 'Columns' tab enable 'Start Date' and 'End Date' columns under the 'General' category.


If you are still unable to view the time off data for employees other than your own data, then it's possible that you're restricted only to access your own time off details. You are most likely not assigned with the appropriate permissions to view all the report data. If you should have visibility to all employees time off, then please contact your Web TimeSheet administrator to have your access rights / permissions checked.

In order to enable the user to see report data for everyone in the organization, perform the following steps,

  • Edit the permission assigned to the user.
  • Click on the Reports tab
  • Enable the 'Can View All Report Data' option
  • Click on 'Save.

All the users who are assigned this permission will be affected by the changes made. NOTE: Enabling this option in users existing permission will enable the user to see all report data for all the reports enabled in that permission. To enable visibility of all users data in just one report, please refer to the solution: 'How to enable a user the visibility to all employee data in only one report?'.

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