How to add task assignments to resources?

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To add task assignments to resources:

  • Log in to Web Resource with Administrative rights.
  • Select the Project Team tab.
  • Select the resource from the left side of the page. If the resource you are looking for is not listed, first add the resource to the project using the Task Assignments tab.
  • Select the check box in the Assign column next to the task you wish to assign the resource to.
  • Modify the Calculate… option for the task, if required:
  • These fields determine how much time the resource is allocated to spend on the task:

    • Duration – the frame of time for which the resource is assigned to the task
    • Allocation % – the percentage of the resource's time that is allocated to the task
    • Total Hours – the total hours the resource is allocated to the task.
  • Each one of these values can be calculated using the other two values, and the user's Hours per Day setting. Therefore, you only need to specify two of these values for each resource, and Web Resource will calculate the third automatically. This promotes ease of use and data accuracy. To specify which value you would like Web Resource to calculate, select either Calculate Duration, Calculate Allocation %, or Calculate Total Hours. The option you select applies to all resources listed for this task.
  • Select a user from the Resources drop down menu and select the Add button. Alternatively, you can use the Advanced Search functionality to find the resource to be added.
  • Enter values in the two editable task time fields (Duration, Allocation %, and/or Total Hours). The third field will be calculated automatically. If you want to view the updated value of the third field,select Calculate.
  • Select Save.

Note: The Project Team tab is used to assign tasks and allocations to the resources on a project team, whereas the Task Assignments tab allows you to add a resource to a task, the Project Team tab allows you to add a task assignment to a resource.

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