How can a User change the way Project or Task displays on Timesheet?

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Individual users may choose to see how their Project or Task information may look like on their timesheet, by configuring the "Timesheet Name Display" section on their 'Settings' page. One can access the 'Settings' button, from the right corner of the timesheet page, provided Web TimeSheet administrator has enabled users, access to this option.

More Information:
Following are the details available on the Timesheet Name Display section under User preferences:
Choose for Task Name Display:

Task Name:
Displays Tasks name either in the Project/Task column on the timesheet or in just the Task column, if the Project Tasks columns are split. It also means that if there are multiple level of hierarchy in the project, only the Last task selected for Time Entry will be displayed. The whole task structure will not be available for display if only this option is selected.

Task Code: Displays the Task code set by the Project Leader in the individual Task up on adding projects/Tasks to Timesheet. Only the last level Task code in the Task hierarchy is displayed only by the selection of this option.

Full Path Name:
This shows the Full path of project hierarchy,

For example: If the Project and task structure are setup in Web TimeSheet as follows

Project (Project)

  • Software coding (Task)
  • Analysis (Sub-Task)

up on adding the Analysis subtask to enter the time on the timesheet, it appears as Project/Software coding/Analysis in the full Path.

Full Path Code: This shows the project/task codes instead of Project/Task Full path name as above.
If the Project codes and the Task codes for the above same examples are as follows


  • SC


including just the Full Path Code on the timesheet will show either

Project: PR (Project Code) / SC (Task Code) / ANLYS (Task Code)
PR (Project Code) / SC (Task Code) / ANLYS (Task Code)

Project could appear in the above timesheet because of the selection of Project Name in the same section.
Project Name: Displays the Name of the Project in the Project/Task column or in just the Project column Project Task columns are split.
Project Code: Displays the Project Code set by the project leader in the Project/Task column or just the Project column if Project Task column is split.
For instance: PR (Project Code) would appear in the above example.
Client Name: Client Name will be displayed for the associated project. If there are no clients associated with the Project <No Client> is displayed. If the time entries are made on a cost allocation project with <All> selection up on submitting the timesheet, the Client column would appear as "Cost Allocated".
Client Code: Client Code will be displayed if one is available otherwise <No Code> will be displayed. For Cost allocated Projects, this column would just show "Cost Allocated" only.
Activity Name: Timesheet displays Activity Name used in every row.
Activity Code: Shows Activity Code if one is available else <No Code>

Multiple combination of above options can be used. However, selection of at least one option under Choose for Task Name Display and Choose for Project Name Display is mandatory.

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