The work week is defined while setting up the timesheet period. When setting up a weekly timesheet, the start day of the week needs to be set. From the start day, a weekly timesheet will be created. For example, if a weekly timesheet is created with Sunday as the first day of the week, then the timesheet period will be from Sunday to Saturday. Similarly, if the Start day of the week is set to Thursday, then the timesheet period will start from Thursday and end on Wednesday. If there is an existing timesheet period, say Sunday to Saturday, and you would like to change it to Thursday to Wednesday, then the following steps need to be followed.

You will need Web TimeSheet administrative rights to perform this.

  • Ensure that there are no future timesheets created other than the existing timesheet period. Delete the future timesheets, provided they have no time entered.
  • Click on ‘System–>Administration’ from the top menu, on the left side pane, under ‘Timesheet setup’, click on Timesheet Periods, and select the respective Timesheet period type tab as required.
  • Click on Add. Choose Timesheet Period Type as Weekly. Set the First Day of Week as Thursday and assign an Effective Date. The effective date should preferably be the day from which the new timesheet period type needs to be active. If the effective date falls in the current timesheet period, then the system will not automatically alter the timesheet period. The system will continue to retain the existing Sunday to Saturday timesheet period.

The system will then create a new timesheet period from Sunday to Wednesday and then activate the new timesheet period as Thursday to Wednesday.

This will not work, if future timesheets were created before the new timesheet period was setup. Hence, it is imperative to have all future timesheet periods deleted from the historical timesheet section.

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