How to enable / configure only the client approver to approve users timesheet?

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Some organizations might want only a client approver approve users timesheet, although the project has a project leader. External users are often created for those users who are required to approve time information and review report data on behalf of a client.

Web TimeSheet application offers a few pre-defined approval types which include External User.
To have only a client approver approve timesheets, please follow the steps below:

  • Create an external user and ensure that he is assigned Client approver permission. Select the client he should be associated with. (For creating external users, please refer the solution How to create external users?.)
  • Under Approval Setup in the Administration section, click on Approval Paths.
  • Click on Add to add a new approval path.
  • Assign a name to the Approval Path Name.
  • In the Approval Type drop down list, select External User and in the Approval Sequence drop down list, select the number 1 and click save. This process will create a new approval path and assign that approval path to the approver type External User.
  • Go to the List Users section by clicking Users under Users/Departments in the Administration section.
  • Edit the profile of one of the users whose timesheets should go only to the client approver.
  • Click the Advanced tab in the Edit User screen.
  • In the TimeSheet Approval Path drop down list, select the new approval path that was created in Step 5 above.
  • Click Save to apply the changes.
  • Edit the project(s) to which you want to apply this policy and disable the option Project Leader’s Approval Required in the Edit Project window.


When a user selects the project and enters time against it, the system will determine the client approver by looking up the client associated with the project, and sends the timesheet to the respective client approver.

External users are typically external to the organization and, as a result, are much more limited in their access. Hence, they don't take up any Web TimeSheet license.


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