When you access the Integrations tab of Web TimeSheet, the ADP exports may be missing. This is more likely a User permission related issue. One or more permissions assigned to the user have the integration to ADP option disabled.


  • Log into Web TimeSheet with administrative rights.
  • Click on Users from Shortcuts in the side menu.
  • In the list of users, identify the user who is facing trouble accessing ADP.
  • Edit this user profile by clicking on the edit icon beside the User Name.
  • Check the permissions enabled for the user.
  • Click on Permissions under the Users/ Departments section on the side menu.
  • Edit the permission name that you found enabled for the user (for whom you need to provide ADP integration access.)
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on the + sign next to 'Integration'
  • Check the boxes next to ADP Web Applications and ADP PC/Payroll v5.1
  • Check all other relevant Data Exports permission as needed.
  • Click on Save.
  • Log out and Log in as the user, you should now be able to access the ADP Payroll exports.


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