Understanding Offline Timesheet & its benefits.

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The Offline Timesheet module for Web TimeSheet allow users to modify and submit timesheets while they are not connected to internet. The offline timesheet is an HTML form that you set up and then e-mail to your computer. You can then use the form to record your hours while you are offline. When you are once again connected to the Internet, you can save and/or submit the data you recorded.

(Refer to the attached screenshot that illustrates the offline timesheet workflow)


Note:The offline timesheet is available only for the 'Standard' timesheet format, not for In-Out or Locked In-Out timesheet formats.

How to use Offline Timesheet?

  • 1. Requesting an Offline Timesheet:

    • Before requesting an offline timesheet form, make sure you are connected to the Web TimeSheet server. To request an offline timesheet:

      • Log into Web TimeSheet and select Timesheet from the top menu.
      • If you plan to enter time against projects, tasks, or activities, set them up in your timesheet, and add any time off rows you will need while you are offline.
      • Setting up your timesheet in advance ensures all the necessary data is available when you go offline.
      • Click the Offline button at the bottom of your timesheet. Enter the e-mail address where you would like the offline timesheet form to be sent. You can choose from your internal e-mail address, external e-mail address, or (if your permissions allow) an arbitrary e-mail that you enter on the fly. The e-mail account you choose must be accessible from your offline machine (when connected to the Internet).
  • 2. When you are ready, click the Send button to send the offline timesheet form to the e-mail address you specified.
  • 3. Before you go offline, you may want to check the e-mail account to ensure the offline timesheet form was received.
  • 4. If you need offline timesheet forms for more than one timesheet period, you must request each form separately.

Entering Data in an Offline Timesheet:

Once you have accessed the offline timesheet form, you can enter your timesheet data. All drop-down lists should contain the data you specified when you set up your timesheet.

To enter time against a task or activity, click in the field for the appropriate item and date. Enter the number of hours you worked on the task or activity. You can enter up to four decimal places, if necessary.

Remember to select the correct billing option and enter the appropriate information in any additional columns that may appear for your task rows

Saving and Submitting an Offline Timesheet:

When you are finished filling out your timesheet, you may choose to:

  • Save the timesheet data locally, to be re-opened and edited later, or
  • Save the timesheet data in an e-mail, to be sent to Web TimeSheet when you reconnect to the Internet.

To save the timesheet data locally, click the 'Save Offline' button. The data will be saved in a cookie file on your offline machine.

If you have saved your timesheet locally and wish to access it again, open the local version rather than the opening the attachment from the original e-mail.

To save the timesheet data in an e-mail, click the 'Send to Web TimeSheet' button. The e-mail will be saved in your out box until you are reconnected to the Internet. Once connected, you will be prompted to specify how you want to send the data:

  • Save – Saves the data to the Web TimeSheet server to be submitted at a later time
  • Submit – Saves the data to the Web TimeSheet server and submits the timesheet for approval
  • Send Manually – Saves the data in the body of the message (instead of attaching a file). The data is also output to a new window, from which it can be copied and pasted into the e-mail message, if the data was not included there automatically.
  • Cancel – Cancels the process without sending your timesheet data 


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