‘Receive e-mails for system errors and warnings notification’, Who should I assign this?

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This email notification is used for the below listed circumstances:

  • When a problem has occurred in Web TimeSheet (for example, when timesheets are awaiting approval by a user whose login is disabled).
  • When a module license is due to expire (License Expiry notification) or has expired (License Expired notification). These notifications will be sent to all users with Receive e-mails for system errors and warnings enabled in their profile, even if they have not been assigned a seat for that module. You should enable this notification only for those users with the authority and permission to take action when an issue arises, such as system administrators.

Select which e-mail notifications the user is authorized to receive, and the user's advanced e-mail options. [Path: Administration –> Users –> Edit User Screen –> Email notifications]. All e-mail options available on this tab – except the 'Receive e-mails for system errors and warnings' option, will be enabled by default for new users.

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