How to add Multiple Users based on an existing user in Web TimeSheet?

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When adding users, you enter basic user information (such as Last Name, Login Name, and Password) and Web TimeSheet creates a profile for the user. You can choose to base each user's more specific information (such as their permissions) on either system defaults or ANOTHER USER PROFILE.

To add multiple users or a user based on an existing user, please follow the steps given below:

  • Log in with Administrative rights.
  • Select Administration from the top menu.
  • Select Shortcuts > Users from the side menu.
  • Click the Quick Add button. The User Quick Add page displays.
  • Add or remove fields that display in the Quick Add grid, if required. To do this:

    • Select Settings.
    • Enable or disable the available settings, as required.

Settings available for addition using Quick Add:
Internal E-mail
Employee ID
Start Date
End Date
Time Zone
Hours Per Day
Hourly Cost
Hourly Payroll
Default Hourly Billing Rate
Based On

  • Complete the Quick Add fields.
  • Select Save


  • You cannot remove the First Name, Last Name, Login Name, Password, or Primary Department fields from the Quick Add page because these are user-specific, required fields.
  • For any of these fields that are disabled, information for users added via Quick Add will be copied from an existing user (if the Based on option is enabled), or will use the system defaults.
  • Quick Add is not available for adding external users

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