Once your projects, tasks, and resource assignments are established in Web Resource, you can transfer or publish the information to Web TimeSheet to allow resources assigned to the tasks enter time against them. 

Publishing Settings: 

The settings used when publishing project data to Web TimeSheet can be edited in the 'System Preferences'. These settings dictate how assignments and resources are transferred, whether estimated costs and hours are transferred, and how project dates are handled.

Publishing Projects: 

Once your publishing settings have been specified, to publish projects to Web TimeSheet: 

  • Select 'List Projects' from the 'Project' menu. 
  • Enable the check box in the 'Publish' column for each project you wish to publish. To select all of the projects, click 'Select All'. To deselect all of the projects, click 'Select All' again.
  • Select the 'Publish to Web TimeSheet' button. 
  • If you have not already published a project or used the integration tool, or have chosen not to have Web Resource remember your Web TimeSheet User Name and Password, you will be asked to enter information to connect to Web TimeSheet. In this case, complete the following:

    • Enter the URL to use when connecting to Web TimeSheet in the 'Web TimeSheet URL' field, if not already filled in. 
    • Enter the User Name and Password to use when connecting to Web TimeSheet. 
    • To have Web Resource remember this information for the future so you can automatically be connected to Web TimeSheet, enable the 'Remember my user name and password' check box. 
    • Select 'Login' to connect to Web TimeSheet. 
  • Web Resource will attempt to connect to Web TimeSheet. Once a connection is established, the 'List Projects' page will show that the projects have been successfully queued for publishing. If no other projects were in the process of being published, the projects will be published to Web TimeSheet immediately. If another project was in the process of being published, each project will be published when those above it in the queue have been published. 
  • Alternately, a project can be selected for publication from within the 'Edit Project' page by selecting the 'Publish to Web TimeSheet' button. 
  • New tasks published to Web TimeSheet are given the same billing status (Billable, Non-billable, or Both) as the project they are associated with. However, if you change a project's billing status in Web Resource, then publish it in Web TimeSheet, the billing status of the existing tasks associated with that project will not change. 

Publication Status: 
  • To view the status of a publication in progress or pending publication requests, select 'View entire publication history' from the 'List Projects' page. The 'Project Publishing History' page will be displayed. 
  • To view the results from the last publication of a specific project, including any errors or warnings, select the date and time shown in the 'Last Published' field. This link is available from either the 'List Projects' page or the 'Edit Project' page.
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