Mapping user’s department during WTS – WR Integration.

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Departments can be associated from Web TimeSheet to Web Resource during user's integration if pre-determined department pattern exists in both Web TimeSheet and Web Resource. The following describes how this association should be in order to transfer the user's department when a user is transferred from Web TimeSheet to Web Resource.


  • There must be a Category called 'Department' in the Web Resource.
  • According to the department setup in the Web TimeSheet correct structure needs to be defined in Web Resource under Department category.

If department structure in Web TimeSheet is –
Company (Parent department)
– Clients (Child department)
– Nasa (Sub department of Clients department)
(refer the attached screenshot)

'Department' category in Web Resource should contain the following structure –
Company / Clients
Company / Clients / Nasa
(refer the attached screenshot)

The 'Group Name' format in Web Resource takes the form – Department / Sub department (i.e Department <space> / <space> Sub-department) There is also a limitation to the largest number of characters that Group Name can take. It is 50 characters. One may have to cut down on long department names if associations are to be maintained between Web TimeSheet and Web Resource during Integration.

  • Since there is a one to one relation now between the Departments in the Web Resource and Web TimeSheet, Department association for the user will get transferred when the option "Assign the department category based on the user's department" is selected. (refer the attached screenshot) This department association is only applicable while users are transferred from Web TimeSheet to Web Resource.


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