Hourly payroll is the rate used for reporting purposes to determine payroll costs on a project. You can change or edit the hourly payroll in each user’s profile in the Administration area. This is available only in Web TimeSheet Time & Attendance Edition.

More Information:
Each employee has an hourly Payroll rate. The hourly Payroll decides the amount to be paid to the employee for every hour worked either on set of Projects/Tasks or specific activities.
If the hourly payroll, for a user, is defined in Web TimeSheet, then using the hours worked by the user, the system can calculate the amount of pay the user is eligible for at the end of a pay period.
Hourly Payroll is applicable to employees who work on hourly basis and will be paid only for the hours they have worked. Web TimeSheet allows multiple payroll rates to be set up but at no time can a user have more than one active payroll rate. Using the effective date filter, multiple hourly rates can be setup but care must be taken that none of the hourly payroll rates have overlapping effective dates.

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