In Web TimeSheet, only Project Leaders have access to Project Reports. You might want a project team member or normal timesheet user who is not a Project Leader, view or access Project data in Web TimeSheet.

You cannot have multiple project leaders for a project in Web TimeSheet. You can change the Project Leader, if needed. However, you cannot have more than one project leader assigned to any project at one point. This design of Web TimeSheet allows only a Project Leader to view project data of all the users in the project team.


You can have a user assigned as the client approver for a project, so that he can view project data of all the users in the project team.
A client approver is an external user and creation of an external user does not consume an additional license. So, to enter time against project/tasks, the user will login to Web TimeSheet with his regular credentials and to view project data, he will login as a client approver.

Alternatively, a Project Leader can create a report particularly for this user who needs access to project data, and schedule it.

This way, the user will receive an email with the project data as per report schedule. However, he will not have access to the real time project data.

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