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Use the time off balance web service to extract time off balance data from Web TimeSheet.

Service Name: TimeOffBalanceReportService:
Method Name:
Two methods are available for the Time Off Balance web service, which are as follows,

A time off balance record for each time off type that the specified user can book or enter time against.

A single time off balance record for the specified time off type

For each method, you define 2 or 3 parameters (depending on the method). All parameters available for a method are required.

The login name of the user whose data you want returned.
AsOfDate: The date whose balance you want returned; that is, the balance returned will be
the time off balance at that date.

TimeOffTypeName: The name of the time off type whose balance you want returned. Note that the TimeOffTypeName parameter is applicable only for the GetTimeOffBalanceForType method.

Response:Most of the fields returned by the Time Off Balance web service match – in both name and data values – fields found in the Time Off Balance report. However, to provide complete time off balance data, the web service also includes balance values that match those displayed in the time off calendar.
Refer the attached screenshot to understand the data relationships that is used to display the web service data.

Why do time off balance values differ depending on the data source?

In the Time Off Balance report, the time off balance displayed is your exact balance on the “As of” date you select. However, since the Time Off Calendar is intended to be used as a planning tool, calendar balances take into account future time off booked up to the next balance reset or new policy. Balances displayed for both will be identical if you have no future time off booked.

Example 1:
To extract Sally’s vacation time off balance as of March 15, 2009, enter the following in your URL:

asOfDate=March 15, 2009

Example 2:To extract John’s sick time off balance as of February 13, 2010, enter the following in your URL:
asOfDate=February 13, 2010