To integrate Web TimeSheet and Web Resource:

  • Log into Web Resource with Administrator rights, select Web TimeSheet Integration from the Administration menu at the top. You will now get Connect to Web TimeSheet page.
  • Enter the Web TimeSheet URL. Consult your Web TimeSheet administrator for the URL or copy the address shown in your browser while accessing Web TimeSheet. This value may already be set, if an URL address was entered in the System Preferences section of Web Resource.
  • 3. Enter User Name & Password to connect to Web TimeSheet.
  • 4. Enable Remember my user name and password check box to have Web Resource save this information, so that you are not required to enter it each time you wish to integrate. 
  • 5. Click on Login.

Points to remember while integrating Web Resource and Web TimeSheet:

  • When using a Microsoft Access database with Web TimeSheet, plan your schedule, so the transfer of data occurs during times when Web TimeSheet is not in use. When transferring data using the Web Resource Integration, Microsoft Access installations of Web TimeSheet will not be accessible to users.
  • We advise that, you do not use Web Resource during the integration process.
  • Web TimeSheet must be running for the integration tool to connect to it and transfer data to Web Resource.

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