How to change the task schedule within Projects in Web Resource?

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This can be done by sliding the tasks. We can move a task back and forth in the project schedule without changing the duration.

To slide a task back or forth in time without changing the duration, follow the steps given below:

  • Within the Task Tree tab of a Project, select the parent task for which you wish to slide the date.
  • Select the Slide button next to the task you wish to move.
  • Select the new start date for the task in the dialog box that opens, and then select the Slide Dates button.
  • The task start date will move to the selected value and the end date will be shifted the amount required to maintain the original duration of the task.

Consider a task that has a duration of 3 days and is originally set to start January 17, 2010 and end January 19, 2010. If you select Slide and select January 25, 2010 as the new start date, the task will now show a start date of January 25, 2010 and an end date of January 27, 2010. The duration of the task remains at three days.

Note:If instead you just selected a new start date from the first duration field, the end date would not be changed and, as a result, the task duration would be changed.

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