Error: Unable to Run the script as the Internet Explorer cannot handle. occurred while generating a timesheet.

This error might occur due to Internet Explorer browser limitation. Please check the version of Internet Explorer (IE) that you use.
IE version 7.0 cannot handle more than 700 tasks/line items added on the timesheet.

Reduce the number of line items / task rows added to the timesheet. Also, you may upgrade the Internet Explorer from version 7 to 8. Also, ensure that Web TimeSheet URL is added to the compatibility view list in IE 8 for optimal performance.

Steps to upgrade the IE to version 8:

Steps to add Web TimeSheet to Compatibility mode:

  • Open the Internet Explorer
  • Open Web Timesheet
  • Click on Tools and then click on Compatibility mode settings
  • Add the Web site to Compatibility mode
  • Click OK and exit out of the IE
  • Restart Internet Explorer and retry the Web TimeSheet
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