When an employee has worked on a Holiday and if his timesheet is auto-populated with 8 hours of holiday time for that day, then the auto-populated time off hours can be removed by the administrator so that the user can enter the hours worked on that day.

Any timeoff booked, added or auto-populated in timesheet can be accessed from the Historical Time Off page, only by the Web TimeSheet administrator.

Steps to delete User time off :

  • Log into Web TimeSheet with administrative rights.
  • Click on Administration tab at the top.
  • Under Shortcuts ( in the side menu), select Historical Time Off.
  • Search by the user name.
  • Click the delete icon beside the chosen time off. (in this case, its the holiday)

If the timesheet (where the time off was auto-populated) has already been submitted by the user, then reopen it from Historical Timesheets, for the user to enter the time.

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