Web TimeSheet's Web Schedule module allows supervisors to schedule when employees are expected to work. Schedules help supervisors ensure adequate staff coverage and monitor whether employees are working when they should be.To use this module, you will need access to Web TimeSheet with 'Web Schedule' seat assignment and Schedule Manager permission added to the user profile.

To create or edit a schedule template:

  • Open the Manage Schedule Templates page.

    • 1. Select Schedules from the top menu.
    • 2. Select Templates from the side menu.

Refer to attached screenshot:


  • To create a new template, click Add. To edit an existing template, click the edit button next to that template.
  • The schedule entry row will update to match the pattern length.
  • If you enter a recurring pattern length that is not equal to 7 days, you will be asked to enter a reference start date. The template cycle will begin at the reference date, but hours will only be scheduled for a user as of the start date of their template assignment.

    • Example: If you create a 4 days on, 4 days off schedule (scheduled employee works four days, then has four days off), with a reference date of May 3 and assign it to a user with a template start date of May 6,
    • The following will occur:
    • May 3
    • Reference date of template; template cycle begins with first 'on' day; User is not scheduled
    • May 4
    • Second 'on' day of template cycle; User is not scheduled
    • May 5
    • Third 'on' day of template cycle; User is not scheduled
    • May 6
    • Fourth 'on' day of template cycle; User is scheduled to work
    • May 7
    • First 'off' day of template cycle; User has a day off scheduled
    • May 8
    • Second 'off' day of the template cycle; User has a day off scheduled
  • Enter schedule times in the entry row. You can drag and drop to move existing entries. A preview of how the schedule will recur displays in the Preview calendar. Unpublished time displays in green and Published time in Blue.
  • Select the activities and/or user defined fields associated with the scheduled time (optional).
  • Click Save to save your template changes.
  • Click Save & Publish to apply the template-based schedule or modifications you've made to it. The published schedule will automatically update when you publish modifications to the template it's based upon.

Refer the attached screenshot:

Click on Save for editing the Template later or click on Save & Publish if the template is ready to use.

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