What are Custom Columns?

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Custom columns are report or export fields that are derived from user-defined formulas. Users create these formulas by combining columns (fields) available in the report or export with operators and/or functions.

Custom columns are useful for creating such numeric fields as:

  • Values with non-standardized modes of calculation that are therefore not included in Web TimeSheet as default columns (for example, gross margin)
  • Calculations specific to your organization
  • Highly-specialized calculations

To add or edit a custom column:

  • Select Reports from the top menu. If you want to edit an export, select Integrations from the top menu and select the Settings button.
  • At the bottom of the tab, under Custom Columns:

    • Select the 'Add' button to create a new custom column.
    • Select the '+' icon to edit an existing custom column.
  • Add or edit the column name, if applicable.
  • Create or edit the column formula by adding report fields along with operators and/or functions to the field provided.
  • From the Format drop-down, select the format that should be used when the column is displayed.
  • If you select…

    • Automatic

      • Web TimeSheet will base the column formatting on the values included in the formula. Automatic formatting may not accurately reflect the number type, especially when a formula is complex.
    • Number

      • The result from the formula is displayed as a numeric value.
    • Percentage

      • The result from the formula is automatically multiplied by 100, and is displayed with a % sign. For example, 73.5%
    • If you include a currency value in a formula, it will be displayed in the system's default currency in the report.Other formatting options (decimal precision, how negative values are displayed, and whether commas are used) are determined by the Number Settings options selected on the report's Format tab.
  • If you want the column to appear when you run the report, enable the check box next to it.
  • Select Save.

Refer to the attached PDF file that showcases supported operators that can be used in a custom column.


Custom Columns

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