Changes made to User Defined Fields & its implications.

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User Defined Fields (UDF) gets dynamically updated, if there are any changes made to its values. 

Below are the possible reasons for UDF’s not shown in Historical TimeSheet:

  • User Defined Field (UDF) is disabled globally.
    TimeSheet Once a Timesheet UDF is disabled, it will not show up under Historical or future Timesheet.
  • User Defined Field (UDF)is disabled in the permissions assigned to the User:
    Permissions give the User access to features and functions in Web TimeSheet. If the UDF is disabled in user permission, then that means that the User does not have access to the UDF in the Timesheet and the same would also reflect in Historical Timesheet. However, in both cases all historical data is saved and can be pulled through reports.

  • User Defined Field (UDF) is deleted from Web TimeSheet:
    In case of a drop down UDF, if the current values are changed or edited, then the new value would be updated in Historical data also. 
    Example: Imagine a User Defined Field Shift of type Drop Down added to Timesheet, and if one of the values of this UDF APAC Shift is edited and changed to 8 am; the change will take place in all the Historical Timesheets of this user. All time entries made with Shift set to APAC Shift will be updated with the new UDF value 8 am that is current.

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