How to convert Decimal Hour Format to HH:MM Format?

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By default, Web TimeSheet displays the Time in Decimal Hour format. The user can change the way how Time is displayed on his Timesheet by clicking on the Settings button which is found at the top right corner next to the Logout button. Here, under the 'Edit User Preferences' screen a user can change the Hours format to either Decimal or HH:MM however, changing this preference will only affect the way how Time is displayed on Timesheet but Web TimeSheet Reports would still show Time only in Decimal format.

To understand Time better in HH:MM format or to convert Time from Decimal to HH:MM format, use the following formula in Microsoft Excel, =TEXT(C6/24, "h:mm")

Alternatively, we could make use of the Custom Column in Web TimeSheet Reporting Functions.

For certain Time Off Reports, we could use the formula mentioned below to view the Time Off Hours in HH:MM format,

Left(NumberToText(TimeOffHours), Len(NumberToText(TimeOffHours))-3) +"h"
+ " " +

For certain Time Reports, we could use the formula mentioned below to view the Total Hours in HH:MM format,

Left(NumberToText(TotalHours), Len(NumberToText(TotalHours))-3) +"h"
+ " " +

To view the Regular Hours in HH:MM format, in the User Hours Detail Report, use the following formula,

Left(NumberToText(RegularHours), Len(NumberToText(RegularHours))-3) +"h"
+ " " +

Refer the attached screenshots and (.xls) file for more details.


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