How to reopen a closed project and disallow time entry?

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You may encounter a situation where the Project is completed, but users still have expenses to be entered against that project. The completed projects are typically closed in Web TimeSheet. One cannot enter expense against closed projects. In such a scenario, you can reopen the closed project and disallow the time entry. This will enable employees to record only expenses, and not the time.


  • Log into Web TimeSheet as an Administrator or a Project Leader.
  • Click on Projects icon at the top. (This brings up a page where you find a list of projects).
  • Note: Select the department to which the project has been assigned.
  • Open the project that you want to reopen from a closed status (this takes you to a page where you will have all the information about that project Eg. Project information, Client name, Allowed expenses, Project structure).
  • Click on the project name under the Project Structure section of this page (this takes you to the edit project page).
  • Change Project Status to open and uncheck the Time Entry Allowed option (this ensures that the status of the project will remain open, but users will not be able to enter time against this project).

Users will be allowed to enter only expenses that are mentioned in the Allowed Expenses section as shown in the Project information page.

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