Is it possible to change how close to the target productivity should get before charts change color?

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It is possible to change at what percentage the productivity charts on the users timesheet should change color.
For example, the target range is 10%. A user's productivity is currently 20% below the target, and his productivity bar chart is red. When that user's productivity falls within 10% of the target, the bar chart will change from red to yellow, indicating the user is close to reaching his goal.

Follow the steps below to change the setting:

  • Log into Web TimeSheet as a Project Leader or administrator with permissions to edit Productivity targets and Preferences.
  • Click on the Project icon on the top menu.
  • Click on Preferences on the left hand menu in the Productivity section.
  • Change the percentage in Productivity target range to the percentage you want the color to change.
  • Click on Save.

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