Important considerations to transfer users timesheet data from Web TimeSheet to QuickBooks.

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You can transfer user time / timesheet data from Web TimeSheet to QuickBooks.

Before transferring this data, ensure the following steps have been taken:

  • Ensure the User who submitted the time entries already exists in QuickBooks as an Employee or Vendor.
  • Ensure that the Projects, Tasks, Roles, and Payroll Items associated with the time entries exist in QuickBooks and verify that you know how the data is organized (for example, whether Projects exist in QuickBooks as Jobs or as Items).
  • If you want to map to the Class field, you must ensure that you have assigned one class per earnings item, so that the Class field will be represented on user timesheets.

Changing QuickBooks Preferences for Class Settings:

  • Within QuickBooks, select Edit from the main menu, and choose Preferences….
  • Select the Company Preferences tab, and select Payroll and Employees from the side menu.
  • Choose the option to assign one class per Earnings item.
  • Select OK.

Important Considerations:

  • If you remove a timesheet row from a project in Web TimeSheet after that project has been transferred to QuickBooks, and then attempt to transfer time for that project with a date range that includes the deleted row, the row will not be deleted in QuickBooks. This is because Web TimeSheet does not keep track of rows that have been removed; therefore, there is not way to correlate these changes with QuickBooks.
  • Time entries in Web TimeSheet with negative number values will not be transferred, as QuickBooks does not allow employees to input negative hours.
  • Before transferring time with this Project/Task to Job/Sub Job,
  • When transferring billable time, QuickBooks requires a Customer:Job and Service Item to be associated with time. If Project, Task, or Role has not been mapped to Item, the integration module automatically creates an item labeled <None> to meet this requirement.

Transferring time entry information:
To transfer time entries from Web TimeSheet to QuickBooks, select Time Tracking from the Navigation side menu and follow the directions provided by the Time Tracking Wizard.
When prompted, select the relationship you used to transfer the Jobs/Items data type or, if you did not transfer the data, select the relationship that most closely matches the organization of data in QuickBooks. This will allow the transfer wizard to locate the project data in QuickBooks to assign to the transferred time entries. For assistance using the wizard, see the online help provided within the integration module.

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