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An approved time off booking can be transferred directly from Web TimeSheet to Outlook Calendar. However,if an approved TimeOff is modified and re-imported to Outlook , a duplicate entry gets created for the same day.

Steps to export TimeOff from the Web TimeSheet to MS Outlook 2007.

  • Click on the TimeOff tab in the top menu.
  • Click on Export to Outlook from the left pane.
  • Enable All bookings scheduled for the future and click on Export and save the file at any location.
  • Launch Outlook 2007
  • In Outlook, click on File –> Import and Export.
  • In the Import and Export window, select Import an iCalender or vCalender file (.vcs) and click on Next.
  • Upload the saved file and click on Import.
  • The TimeOff will be uploaded in the shared calendar.

Now, if an approved TimeOff which has already been imported to Outlook gets edited,and then the above steps are performed, it duplicates the rows i.e.when exported, the edited TimeOff will be added to the already existing one in Outlook. This means  for the same date, two TimeOff's will appear.

and .vcs formats are defacto standard file formats. The way outlook is designed to handle these formats is beyond our control. So, removing the old entries prior to adding the new entries is the only solution. However, we can create a calendar that is meant to contain these .vcs imports so that the entries can be removed and replaced easily.