All the information related to the clients can be viewed by using the Client Detail report using one of the templates in Web TimeSheet.

To Configure a report follow the steps listed below:

  • Log into Web TimeSheet as the administrator or as a user who has the appropriate permissions to add new reports in Web TimeSheet.
  • Select Reports from the top menu.
  • Click Add Report found in the left panel, under the Setup category.
  • Complete the Basic Information section by providing a name to the new report. The description is not a mandatory field. Choose a folder from the drop-down, where you want the new report to be saved.
  • Complete the Report Access Level section by choosing either the Public Report or Private Report option. Refer to solution: What is the difference between Public Report and Private Report?.
  • Complete the Template to Base Report On section, by selecting a Category from the drop-down or by default choosing All. Report Type as Text, which specifies the type report template to use and select the Client Detail from the Template list.
  • Choose the required columns that you would like to be listed under this Report.
  • Go to Buttons Tab and select each button you wish to have within the new report.
  • Click Save.

Note: The Settings determine what data is included in the report and how it is displayed. Most of these settings can be edited after the report is added.

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