This article describes the feature of how one can copy "All" skill levels from one skill to another, here this is explained in terms of an example. "Copy Levels From" feature is located up on opening any of the available Skills. To get there, Log into Web Resource with administrative privileges, Point to 'Skills' and click on 'List Skills'. The purpose of this option is to help Project Managers and Web Resource administrators to copy all levels of skills to a new Skill, if they are already present in other Skills to ease out the administrative overhead to manually add Skill Levels.

The example suggested in this article has the following Skill Level structure,

Skill Name (Destination): Marketing Skills has three levels called Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced?.
Skill Name (Source): Development Skills has the same three levels which are Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and also has an additional level called Expert.
RESOLUTION: To copy all the four levels from Source – 'Development Skills' (First three are same and hence would not make any difference) to the destination skill – 'Marketing Skills' perform the Following.

  • Click the Skill Marketing Skills from the Skill list.
  • Select Development Skills in the Copy Levels From drop down.
  • Click the Add button next to to Copy Levels From Drop down. (Please refer to the attached screenshot)


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